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Benefits Administration

Our HRconnection tool is a powerful employee communication portal website, featuring countless ways for you to educate and empower your employees. It is an easy-to-use employee website that serves as a custom company information and employee benefits resource.For employees, it provides 24-hour access to company and benefits information from any computer with Internet access. For employers and human resources personnel, HRconnection increases productivity and cost savings by providing employee self-service and improving employee communication efforts.

The ever-changing regulations and compliance requirements pose a significant administrative challenge for HR departments. Our web-based solution offers a variety of support services aimed at reducing administrative time and costs.

The tools provide:

  • Online benefits enrollment (telephonic when necessary)
  • Electronic records management, fully HIPAA-compliant and secure
  • Customized websites with enrollment capabilities

Positive enhancements to your program by:

  • Maintaining employee benefit place.
  • Increasing efficiency by eliminating routine benefit inquiries and automate administration.
  • Save money by eliminating printing and distribution costs, and consistently provide personalized communications that prove to be more effective.
  • Ensure compliance with disseminating legal notices or postings on a timely basis.
  • Your message stays the same any time it’s accessed, reducing the possibility of employee misunderstanding or miscommunication.
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