Our Services

Full Compliance Support

Our services are broad-reaching in all aspects of health & welfare compliance in the employee benefits program. We provide:

  • Comprehensive review of employment practices, compliance requirements, and legal risks by experienced professionals.
  • Identification of risk, employment law violations, fines, lawsuits, or penalties.
  • Solutions to create a legally safe work environment with consistent, fair, and optimal employment practices.

After our review, clients receive:

  • Written and oral report of findings showing risks and missed opportunities
  • Identification of compliance violations and legal risks
  • Recommended actions to eliminate risks and address concerns
  • Identification of missing best
  • Recommendations for improvement

We provide compliance assistance and oversee your health and welfare requirements through:

  • Calendar management and timeline for all necessary compliance filings and obligations (5500 filing, etc.)
  • ACA guidebook and compliance audit
  • Support completing legal requirements (Exchange notice, etc.)
  • Health and Welfare DOL audit review
  • Electronic packages of all documents and data to support compliance.
  • Employee Notices: Generate customized all-in-one annual employee notices such as Medicare Part D, CHIP, WHCRA, HIPAA, Initial COBRA, Health Exchange, etc.
  • Access triggering event notice templates as needed for FMLA, COBRA, HIPAA Breach and Medical Child Support Order Notice.
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